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We are pleased to offer you support through the delivery of a number of tailored interventions and workshops. Each workshop is focused on a specific theme which we consider to be a central component to facilitate higher level performance within complex working environments. 
Our team bring a wealth and breadth of experience within health sector leadership development, innovation and operational understanding. With a proven track record of supporting large organisation with bespoke training support, we have the span and reach to meet all leadership needs from local clinical teams to national planning bodies. 
Our aim: Making people better 
We aim to equip people in healthcare to deliver continuous improvement in their health and care systems; encouraging them to be proud and inspired by their work. 
We believe that investment in leadership and improvement know-how is necessary to enable teams at all levels to continuously improve the health of their population and offer safe, high quality and cost effective care. SOS Medical are committed to achieving this through attention to a systems approach, the employment of suitable improvement methodology and the advocacy of a compassionate, effective and inclusive leadership approach. 

Programme testimonials: 

‘Your thoughts surrounding 'wicked problems', and how one democratises thinking the unthinkable, along with advice on bypassing those who are beyond convincing and the application of the 40/70 rule outside of battle was invaluable!’ 
'This has probably been the most useful training workshop that I have experienced.’ 
‘I have experienced many formulaic presentations in the past, that have not been nearly as helpful in dealing with difficult problems and people in the real world.’ 
Applied Leadership in Adversity 
In search of compassionate, inclusive and effective leadership 
This programme is designed to inspire and recapture cadence in organisations looking to refocus, refresh or reset. Using appreciative enquiry, supported by lived experience and shared applied leadership practice, this period of reflection helps new or established teams and organisations to discover new ways to deliver extraordinary results. Using case studies and examples from a high performing trauma system, we explore the secrets of high performance and share our learning from adapting this system to take on the global fight against Ebola. 
Setting the scene, we explore servant leadership, empowered delegation, wicked problems and clumsy solutions, transforming teams of experts into expert teams and identify and explore healthcare opportunities through innovation. We then build on this to explore your ‘leadership point of view’ and your organisational culture before reflecting on the successes and challenges your organisation currently faces. Then using the programme’s core principles, we look for new and innovative ways to surpass them.  
Here are some testimonials about the programme: 
‘The course leaders approach to training was practical. The leaders took the time to explain and the pace was appropriate. Material was inspiring!’ 
'The 2 days made me feel encouraged and inspired. Change is possible and innovative ways of implementing it are within my grasp.’ 
‘It challenged me quite unexpectedly - interactive - and it gave me some useful tools to take away to add to my toolkit!’ 
‘Great to have a faculty who don’t profess to have all the answers - but yet seem to have plenty! Thank you.’ 
Duration: 2 full days 
Optimum cohort size: 30 
Cost: Please call 
Attitudes in Alliance 
Enabling system leadership 
Effective multidisciplinary and multi-professional working is increasingly becoming a critical factor in the advancement of sustainable healthcare practice. The Defence Medical Services were early adopters of a shared model of healthcare leadership which has proven to be an indispensable ingredient in creating world-class healthcare in the world’s worst settings. This collegiate leadership approach acknowledges that dominant professional mind-sets within the management, medical, nursing and Allied Healthcare are highly influential in the delivery of effective care. We believe that the effective fusion of these attitudes and beliefs makes future success in healthcare delivery more likely and acknowledges the unique contribution each professional group plays in creating high quality and cost-effective care. 
The programme draws on lived experience of working through a shared leadership model in a healthcare setting. Together we will explore your working environment, and the unique relationships within it, using a ‘Listening to Understand’ approach. We will build on this to create a profound understanding and deep insight into how colleagues think and feel about their role and how this relates to their work in partnership. Then, we will apply the Alliance- Kin-Individual (AKI) model to this new understanding to reach consensus on what we believe to be important and agree our responsibilities going forward. 
Duration: One day site visit to conduct interview the a workshop of one full day or two consecutive half days 
Optimum cohort size: 30 
Cost: Please call 
Lifting the Lid on Leadership 
Step up, pick up or brush up 
This on-line series is for those who are new to a leadership role, curious about the art of leadership or established leaders who wish to confirm their prior knowledge but are too shy to ask. Using simple concepts and useful examples, this is a whistle-stop tour through the key principles of leadership in the words of recognised experts, all from the comfort of your armchair. Maximum impact minimum effort, designed to fit into the congested diary of someone plotting their course through a complex world. Topics covered include: 
Notions of leadership 
Features of leadership 
The leadership setting 
Trials and tribulations 
Costs and consequences 
Duration: Fourteen 30-minute bite sized tutorials delivered wholly on-line 
Optimum cohort size: Scalable 
Complex Conversations Workshop 
Complex conversations inevitably involve conflict. Handling that difficult or challenging conversation requires skill and empathy, but also the courage to have it in the first place. This workshop will look from the outside addressing our fears about such conversations and why they challenge us. We will then explore the negotiation matrix looking at what action we can take, and reinforcing the importance of effective and clear communication. We will also help you to develop active listening; taking an empathetic but constructive stance. Through this we will help you to think about outcomes; reframing problems as possibilities, investigating the situation and managing emotion. These skills will also assist you with conflict resolution and mediation. Our aim is to equip you with techniques and skills to have the confidence to start that conversation that needs to be had. 
The workshop will use action learning and include elements such as being clear about the Issue, understanding your objective, managing the emotion and retaining the relationship. 
Duration: One full day 
Optimum cohort size: 30 
Cost: Please call 
Creating Your Own Culture 
“It is now accepted that healthy cultures in NHS organisations are crucial to ensuring the delivery of high-quality patient care.” 
In healthcare, a great team looks like all team members understanding, believing in and working towards a shared purpose focusing on caring and working with and for patients. This sense of common purpose must never be assumed and so it is essential that leaders highlight it at every opportunity and ensure all team members are working towards it in their day-to-day work. 
In this workshop, we will share leadership experiences and work with you to produce tools and aide memoires which will assist you in supporting cultural change. As it progresses we aim to facilitate leadership enrichment, encourage empowerment and increase engagement all focused on offering better patient care. Development of the right culture in NHS Trusts and Partnerships is crucial in the ambition to offer compassionate first-class care for patients. This requires the creation of cultures in which mistakes are viewed as learning opportunities, where staff can raise concerns and know the appropriate action will be taken, and honesty and openness is promoted. 
The workshop will cover sessions on a clinicians’ perspective on leading a successful team, unpacking culture, creation of a learning culture and the introduce After Actions Review (AAR) as a valuable tool for a learning organisation. 
Duration: One full day 
Optimum cohort size: 30 
Cost: Please call 
Building resilience to sustain success 
In a complex world, operating at a high tempo with a need to react and deliver immediately, the aspect which tends to bear the brunt is our physical and mental well-being. The rate of burn-out amongst healthcare professionals is significant. 
This course has two parts, day one is a climate assessment conducted by the team using small group forums and appreciative enquiry to identify any areas of concern. The results are fed back verbally at the end of day one to the leadership with a follow on written report. 
Day two will unpack the positive and negative aspects of stress, help individuals to identify their own specific triggers and raise awareness of signs/symptoms of deterioration. In addition common mental health conditions will be discussed as will how to access professional help and support. Techniques for protecting against stress and self-help will also be discussed as well as managing the team dynamic. The course has been designed based on experience of preparing and recovering medical teams from military operations and is delivered by seasoned leaders and clinicians well versed in this aspect of developing sustainable teams. 
Duration: 2 Full days – Although the 2 days can be delivered separately 
Optimum cohort size: 30 
Cost: Please call 
Implementing Change and Developing Capability 
Overcoming inertia and building momentum 
Analysing a complex situation and developing a strategy and plan for success is only one half of the deal. The friction often comes when the plan has to be implemented. Developing a capability requires many different components and if any one is lacking then success could be impacted. 
This two day course will describe a systematic approach to developing a capability and delivering it effectively. Including consideration of Personnel, Equipment, Policy, Training, IT, Logistics, Systems, , Infrastructure, Constraints and Enablers. 
The course will involve an introduction to this system with worked examples in each of the areas backed up with practically applied knowledge. Delivered by practitioners with experience in Army Medical Capability development and the Industry standard P3M model of Projects/Programmes and Portfolios Management. 
Duration: 2 full days 
Optimum cohort size: 30 
Cost: Please call 
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